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Bon appetit! Restaurant quality food at home, same day delivery*, is now in KwaZulu-Natal – Frozen For You has arrived, and they’re definitely not frozen meals.

Owners, Karen and Adrian Short, have been voted top caterers locally and internationally for 28 consecutive years. “I think of food all day,” laughs Karen, who trained in London as a chef, and together with husband Adrian, began their legendary catering company, By Word Of Mouth. A passion for food is the understatement of the century.

Four years later, and Frozen For You was an entirely natural offshoot. “This range is not frozen meals,” stresses Karen. “It’s fresh meals, frozen. No stabilisers. We’ve imported the very finest freezing technology so we can prepare wonderful home-cooked meals with ingredients you would never normally be able to freeze – the basil leaves on our melanzane remain fresh basil leaves when defrosted. Our roast potatoes are just that – crisp and golden roast potatoes.” She explained, “Our meals are frozen in seconds. We describe our specialised process as ‘Nature’s pause button’ – we literally lock in the flavour instantly.”

The Shorts chose all their – and their clients – favourite home-cooked recipes, and made them accessible to everyone, all the time … in their freezers. Fresh meals, only frozen.

With 14 shops countrywide, KwaZulu-Natal rejoiced when Frozen For You arrived in Flanders Mall in Mount Edgecombe. Now they’re in Hilton, too.

But no matter where you are between Sheffield and Hillcrest, Frozen For You delivers same day if you order online before midday*. Seven days a week. Can’t face cooking tonight? Let them know online by 12, and you can tick off dinner.

From meals for one person, right up to catering for a crowd or special occasion, Frozen For You works. Baby showers, dinner parties, harvest table, school lunches, delectable dinner for one … or, massively popular, a gift voucher to make life easy for someone else or as a treat. As Karen says, “The best gift is a consumable one … then the teacher or friend can choose whatever they’d like to give themselves a break.” And the bonus? You, the giver, haven’t had to wrap a single gift.

For Karen, wholesome ingredients are an important part of their great meals. “Our wide range also caters for dairy-free, low fat, low carb, gluten-free and more. Some meals are endorsed by Vitality Health, and their 100-year-old culture Sourdough Bread by the Diabetic Society. There really is something for everyone. Vegan? No problem.” And the Shorts constantly work towards environmentally sound practices, by reusing boxes and doing whatever it takes to uphold their eco-friendly ethos.

Generosity, simplicity, quality and convenience – the Frozen For You mantra. For Karen, particularly as we head for the holidays, “Don’t cook in your cozzie! Rather enjoy quality time with family and friends. Take a Frozen For You meal, pop it into the oven from frozen (or defrost if you prefer), and the meal’s sorted. That’s a real holiday, whether you’re in the bush or at home round the pool!”

To order, just nip on to the Frozen For You website, click a few buttons, and you’re done. End-of-term gifts, holiday meals to take away with you, contributions to friend’s luncheons, festive gifts … all sorted.

Not frozen meals, but restaurant quality meals … frozen.







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